Strategic Procurement Solutions

Energy Procurement & Supply Management

Energy Procurement & Supply Management
Tradition Energy’s procurement objective is the same as that of our clients—to obtain the most economical supply arrangement available and to further reduce costs as we proactively identify new opportunities as the markets evolve. Our Pan-European portfolio of 94 electricity and natural gas suppliers gives you access to highly competitive pricing and a full array of energy management products and services.

Simplifying the purchase and management of energy requires a thorough understanding of the underlying wholesale market, power generation and delivery, and their impact on prices. Tradition Energy understands these factors better than anyone.

Strategic Risk Management
Critical to any energy procurement effort is a comprehensive strategic assessment and plan. The business manager needs to understand the factors and risks that affect the procurement decision, the service options and financial outcomes. Tradition addresses this issue with its Strategic Risk Management Services. After obtaining an understanding of your risk tolerance and energy-related financial and hedge objectives, our analysis will include:

  • Summary of your existing energy usage, spend, contracts and exposure;
  • Review of current market conditions and trends, including the fundamental drivers behind these trends and their implication for your energy supply cost and service opportunities;
  • Review of your strategic supply alternatives by location, including a description of the risks and benefits of each procurement or service option;
  • Recommended energy services and procurement plan and budget implications.

Our report serves as your energy procurement blueprint and it is updated annually to reflect changes in the energy market, the price outlook and your organisation’s risk profile and goals.

Market Research & Intelligence
The number one thing that affects the price you pay for energy is the price your supplier pays for that energy in the wholesale market before then selling it to you.

Tradition Energy is the only energy consulting firm in the UK with a presence in the wholesale energy markets. We are unique among energy advisors because we do not rely upon secondary information from data sources or media and publications for our market information; rather, we are a primary source that derives that information through the normal course of our advisory activity in the wholesale markets.

With Tradition’s unique energy market intelligence, clients are first better able to time the procurement decision and then, second, when the time is right, force competition amongst suppliers to get you the right price. Our clients in the UK market have benefited from lower costs resulting from this informed managed approach.

Data Management & Reporting
Tradition Energy Analytics Manager, TEAMView, is our proprietary energy data management platform that delivers enhanced transparency and insights into your organization’s use of electricity, natural gas, as well as its sustainability performance. TEAMView enables energy professionals to manage, analyze and report on all of their facility energy usage and cost data. From a single vantage point energy managers will see:

Dashboard – Custom dashboards can be created for individual properties or for the entire portfolio and view relevant information. The dashboard summarises energy data for the facility type or portfolio.
Usage/Cost Data – Cost breakdowns, supply rates, usage, and account comparisons
Agreements – Database of supply agreements and utility invoices
Reports – Budget forecasting, energy performance benchmarking
Market Research – Dynamic tool for charting electricity prices
Settings – Ability to customise settings, set budget target levels, cluster sites together to create custom performance tracking, set alerts and manage account information
Sustainability – Track environmental (CO2) impact at facility and portfolio level

Each Tradition Energy Adviser serves as the “relationship manager” for the clients they manage. Your Energy Adviser is with you through the entire process marshaling all of Tradition’s resources to ensure you have the best energy procurement strategy and the right price.

We stay in communication with you, following the market and reaching out to you when other energy procurement opportunities appear or about related issues that may affect your business. Our daily and weekly market reports, the Bi-Annual energy price forecast and other reports constantly inform you about market conditions and trends.

Bureau Services
Energy and utility usage auditing and spend reporting is time-consuming and complex for most companies.  Tradition Energy auditing professionals ease your pain by allowing you to outsource this tedious chore while giving you greater peace of mind that the work will be performed without error.

Our dedicated team will verify meter and tariff data, energy contracts, and consumption. Each month we will send you reports identifying errors and the Tradition team will handle any errors directly with suppliers on your behalf.

Tradition Energy helps clients reduce energy consumption and emissions as part of adopting more sustainable business practices. Our products and services cover areas of carbon accounting and disclosure, renewable energy and carbon offsets, long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy, complete legislative compliance services for energy and environmental areas and energy efficiency audits and demand-side optimization projects.

Client Education
Tradition Energy hosts numerous seminars and webinars throughout the year on energy-related topics and energy price outlooks. These events are great opportunities for continuing education.